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Robinson Gamgee

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Robinson Healthcare Gamgee® is a greatly improved and modern version of the original
Gauze and Cotton Tissue invented in 1880 by Dr Joseph Sampson Gamgee (a pioneer in
aseptic surgery) in association with Robinson Healthcare. The patent was assigned to
Robinson Healthcare who manufactured the first product. Today, Gamgee® is still the market
leader and widely used, sharing the original’s unique benefits with modern, high quality


Gamgee® is supplied in non-sterile 500g rolls in BP Quality, which fully conform to the British
Pharmacopoeia monograph. It consists of a thick layer of highly absorbent cotton wool
enclosed in an absorbent cotton gauze cover. It is also available in Drug Tariff Version
or general Hospital Version (lower quality for less critical applications). Additionally, pre-cut
pads of BP Quality Gamgee® are available in individual sterile packs.

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