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Polypads Universal long (dressage)

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A High-Profile oval design for use with a Dressage Saddle
A 20% increase in length under the Saddle.

- Designed to accommodate horses with high withers, the Universal© Long is shaped and bound along the spine, with an off-set double seam to reduce bulk. This makes it simple to fit as it lies naturally in position across the back, while providing clearance over the withers for total comfort.

- PAD WIDTH: 62cm (Widest point)
- SPINE WIDTH: 68cm (Along the Spine)
- PAD LENGTH: 115cm (Side to Side)

- Both the front and back corners of the Universal© are gently rounded to follow the contours of the saddle, for an extremely flattering look – whatever the riding activity. PolyPads® Universal© can also be used anyway around and on the reverse side if required as there are no straps or loops to restrict you, giving you maximum ware and added value.

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