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The Exo-Skeleton follows the contours of the human rib cage and forms a protective cage around the rider’s upper body.  It is designed so that if a rider falls, energy is transferred around the cage and away from the point of impact, thus helping to protect the vulnerable torso area.

Exo Function

The Exo-Skeleton opens at each side and swings apart from the shoulder hinge for easy access.
Simple side locking clips fasten the Exo-Skeleton on both sides.

Exo Body Protector

In the second stage of development, Woof Wear design teams integrated the Exo-Skeleton into Flexotech foam that is highly impact absorbent.  Should a rider be involved in a fall, the Exo-Skeleton works in conjunction with the Flexotech foam to offer some protection against potentially fatal crushing injuries.  The Flexotech foam also offers additional protection to the rider’s upper body and lower back.

Woof Wear Integrated the Exo-Skeleton into Flexotech foam to form the Exo body protector.

Exo Comfort and Fit

The Exo has been designed ‘ergonomically’ to fit and work with the rider for comfort and protection.  The unique shape means that the upper part of the Exo sits away from the rider’s body. 

The Exo is practical and safe in all riding conditions.  It has a durable polyester cover with water repellent properties and reflective features on the front and back for safety on the road. 

Exo Safety

 Woof Wear have taken great care to ensure the Exo is as safe and user-friendly as possible.  In the event of an accident, the Exo can be removed by unscrewing the allen bolts on the shoulder hinge using a 3mm allen key (located under green cross on side flaps).

Emergency Removal – open side flaps and cut for allen key to undo shoulder hinge.

The Exo has been fully tested to pass BETA 2000 Level 3, which includes impact testing, dimensions of protective material, ergonomic requirements and innocuousness, plus further tests for crushing.  It also offers all current levels of protection against bruising and abrasion.

Exo Features

  • Exo-Skeleton– extremely strong internal ‘ribcage’ constructed from magnesium alloy
  • BreathableFlexotech foam – (PVC nitrile) forms casing around Exo-Skeleton. Highly impact absorbent and moulds to rider for comfort
  • Shoulder straps– adjustable floating shoulder straps for individual fitting requirements
  • Shoulder pad– internal adjustable shoulder pad for comfortable and secure fit
  • Shoulder D-ringsto attach shoulder pads
  • Rubber shoulder tab– open to access hinge bolts
  • Waistband– fully adjustable internal waistband for secure fit
  • Outer cover– hard wearing 600 denier polyester with water repellent properties
  • Ergonomic design– for freedom of movement and flexibility
  • Contoured tail section– to protect lower back
  • Reflective piping and logos– located on front and back for safety
  • Mesh lining to wick away moisture
  • Allen key– located on side flaps beneath green first aid cross – cut for access to undo shoulder bolts
  • Tough carry bag– supplied with Exo for ease of transportation and storage





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